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residence_lifeAs a resident assistant, the work you do is vital to your residents and your campus, but sometimes, capturing the richness of your experience on a resume can be challenging. Here are a handful of sample resume phrases to help you describe your Resident Assistant experience:
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Quick Tip: Remove comments before you submit your resume

Remove comments from your resumeIf you’ve ever had a resume reviewed by a friend, professor, or career advisor, they may have added comments, made changes, or revised your document in some way.  This feedback can be very helpful, but if you don’t remove those comments and changes, you may unintentionally send them to your prospective employer!  (Just so you know, I don’t use the comment feature when I review your resume; I’ll send you a video review containing all my suggestions and revisions.)

When you open your resume file, you can choose “No Markup” in the “Display for Review” box, but that will only hide tracked changes temporarily; the changes have not been deleted, and they’ll show up again the next time anyone opens the document. In order to delete the tracked changes permanently, you have to either accept or reject them.  If you’re ever concerned that some comments are still lingering on your resume, run Word’s Document Inspector.  By the way, use this same tip to ensure your term papers and other class assignments are comment-free before you turn them in.

Quick Tip: Use a word cloud to improve your resume

sweetcareers_word_cloudI’m sure you’ve seen word clouds before – you know, they’re those fun collages made up of words. Sites like Wordle, Tagxedo, and Word It Out, allow you to paste text into a box then generate a word cloud that highlights the most frequently used words in the text.  (Some sites, like Tagxedo, even let you create a word cloud based on a specific shape – like the Sweet Careers logo!)

Word cloud generators are also an easy, (and fun), way to check which keywords your resume, (or the job description for a position you’re applying for), is emphasizing. All you have to do is cut and paste your resume into the generator’s create box and click submit. The words that are the largest in the word cloud are the ones you’re using most. Are the biggest words the ones you expected? Are you using too many buzzwords, (e.g. effective, innovative, expert)?

You can also use a word cloud to analyze your LinkedIn profile. Be sure to let me know if you need help revising your resume or LinkedIn profile. Share your resume word cloud in the comments.


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