5 Easy Ways to Annoy Everyone at Your New Job

annoyed_womanI recently asked some friends and colleagues what a new co-worker could do to really annoy them. While there was a wide range of potentially annoying behaviors, the following five consistently left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth:

Bail on your co-workers
Call in sick to work, and then post pictures of yourself on Instagram (or your site of choice) at a ball game from the same day.
How to be extra annoying: Make sure you call in sick on the day of an important meeting or event that everyone else will be staying late for.

Refuse to help out
When someone asks you for help on a small project, ALWAYS refuse; it will be particularly annoying if you are snarky when refusing.
How to be extra annoying: Insist that no where on your job description does it say that you need to help with that particular task.

Point out how each of your co-workers is doing their jobs WRONG
Since you have barely learned your own job, let alone anyone else’s, when you point out all the errors that your colleagues are making, you will definitely annoy them.
How to be extra annoying: Don’t tell your colleagues what they are doing wrong in person; instead, email them a list of their mistakes, and be sure to CC the rest of the staff while you’re at it.

Over-share, all the time
Whether at the photo copier, in meetings, via email, or in the parking lot, be sure to share private details about your personal life. The more private and embarrassing, the more annoying.
How to be extra annoying: Don’t take the hint when people stop talking to you or flat out tell you to stop over-sharing; just keep on sharing all your NSFW stories.

Ignore everyone else’s need for personal space
This one is super easy to do and only requires a complete lack of boundaries. For example, rifle through a co-worker’s desk for office supplies, read someone’s email over their shoulder, or plop yourself down on top of a colleague’s desk.
How to be extra annoying (and creepy): Follow your co-worker into the bathroom to continue your conversation with them there.

Of course, if you’re trying to get along with the people at your new job or internship, I’d suggest avoiding all of the above.

What co-worker attitudes or behaviors annoy you the most? Let us know in the comments.

Make Your School Year Great With These 4 Tips

campusWelcome Back! We’re hoping you have an amazing school year! Here are some really easy, but often forgotten, tips for making this year especially great.

Forward your school email account
If you don’t regularly check your school email account, remember to forward it to your primary account (the one you check regularly), or to set up your primary account to pull your school account’s emails. I know you probably get a LOT of email from your school that you don’t necessarily want flooding your regular account, but you can also miss a lot of important information and news if you’re not getting email from your school.

Meet with a career advisor
Whether you’re a first year student, an alum, or any year in between, talking with the folks at your career center early and often can be really useful. Get the most out of your appointment by doing a bit of preparation in advance. For example, have a list of questions ready, or write down a goal for the year and ask for help to achieve the goal. Most career centers can help with choosing a major, planning for longer term careers, finding internships, searching for jobs, applying to graduate school, and a lot more.

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Five Ways to Misinterpret Job Hunting Tips

Unclear TipsGuest Author: JobTonic.com – job search site. Only actual vacancies in the USA available for you.
Website: www.jobtonic.com

So, here you are, a young specialist who has just graduated from college, or you’re someone who has just been downsized – in other words, you’re a job seeker. In today’s tough economic times, being unemployed can be very stressful, which can sometimes make the job market pretty intense and complicated. With a so many different tips and tricks being shared, it is easy to get it all wrong and spoil your job search instead of making it successful. So, before you dive into the list of job openings for marketing positions or whatever else you are interested in, make sure you follow the tips right.

Tip: Tell employer about your skills.
How to misuse it: Not elaborating on your skills. This applies for both your résumé and job interview. Remember that you have to prove the things you can do, but that doesn’t mean sharing irrelevant or underdeveloped skills. Prepare a variety of examples of how you use your skills in relevant settings. For example, if you are good at programming, talk about the programs you’ve created that are still used by your previous employer.

Tip: Focus on skills and experience needed for the vacancy.
How to misuse it: Talking up your skills until you annoy the employer. For example, when an interviewer asks if you have any questions, and you use this time to talk about yourself again. Always remember the golden mean, (i.e. a happy medium), and don’t overdo it when you want to demonstrate that you are the right fit for the vacancy.

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