Quick Resume Writing Tips

Did you know that employers typically only take 15-20 seconds to visually scan your resume? Make sure that your resume STANDS OUT.
Quick Tips:

  1. Stay relevant – TAILOR your resume for specific positions and individual employers
  2. Keep the most relevant information about you closest to the top of the resume
  3. Be sure the resume is grammatically correct and historically accurate
  4. Use active verbs to create your bulleted statements
  5. Make your resume easy to read by using concise, abbreviated language; remove unnecessary articles, such as: a, an, the
  6. Choose standard fonts like Times New Roman or Arial
  7. Keep the resume to one page in length
  8. Print the resume on high quality paper (available for purchase at the Career Center) and use a laser printer for printing
  9. Have your resume reviewed by a professional – the Career Center staff is prepared to review your resume and offer suggestions for editing or revision
  10. Always send your resume with a cover letter

(This article is revised from my LU Career Center blog.)

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