Online Job Board Review Criteria

This page lays out the criteria I use when reviewing online job boards.

  • Aesthetic appeal
  • Ease of use
    – is the site easy to navigate?
    – can you find the things you want to find?
  • Range of search options
    – how specific can you be with your searches?
    – are the search options useful for the targeted audience?
  • Search results
    – how many postings appear, in general?
    – how many postings appear for the WI, IL, MN, MI, IA area? (I’m in the Wisconsin, so one of my criteria is whether or not job boards have results in and around the state.)
    – what is the ratio of postings from employers vs. third party recruiters? I’ll rate a site better if employer postings out weigh third party postings.
    – range of employers?
    – how easily can you link to the employer’s website to find out more?
  • Target audience effectiveness

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