Five slightly unconventional New Year’s resolutions

We all make them – those New Year’s resolutions that are bound to be forgotten before Valentine’s Day. Well, here are a few more resolutions to add to your list. They are slightly less conventional, but even if you resolve to do each one just once in 2009, you’ll have done yourself, and a few others, a lot of good.

Resolve to:

  1. be extra kind to that the not-so-kind person(s) in your life
  2. graciously accept all the advice everyone wants to offer you; then apply only the ones that make the most sense for you
  3. spend five fewer minutes a day worrying about your burdens
  4. spend five more minutes a day with someone you love
  5. get to know, and hopefully appreciate, that person in your res. hall, class, office, gym, (where ever!) about whom you’ve secretly been thinking, “I’m sure glad I’m NOT that guy!”

What other resolutions would you add to the list?

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