Questions Answered: Should I take a "practice" GRE?

“I am horribel when it comes to testing. I can do practice exams and score well, (like on the ACT, I scored really high on the practice test but bombed the real test), but always do terrible under real testing settings. I want to take the GRE in a real test setting as a practice. Then take it again. What do you think?”

Generally speaking, I would not advise you to take the GRE more than once in a five year period. ETS sends all of the test scores you have received in the past five years to each institution you have indicated. Unless you are certain that your scores will be significantly different the second time you take the GRE, then it is best to only take the GRE once.

Since the practice tests that GRE offers through its PowerPrep software emulate the real exam, you may want to “re-create” testing conditions by having a friend or family member “proctor” your exam – making sure you are being timed and that the conditions closely resemble a real testing environment.

It sounds like you have significant test anxiety. If you haven’t done so already, you might consider checking with your school’s academic advising (or similar) office. Many schools have professional staff that can assist with a variety of study and test preparation needs.

Best of luck! I hope this helps.

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