Around the Web in 7 Days: 1-30-09

In this new segment, Around The Web in 7 Days, I’ll be posting 7 career articles that caught my eye over the past week – articles I think are worth your attention.

Free Webinar: College Seniors CAN Thrive in This Job Market, one of my favourite career sites, is offering another FREE webinar. This time, career expert Susan Kennedy offers help to college seniors for managing this difficult job market.

What NOT to do at your Internship
Transitioning to a professional work setting can sometimes be challenging. The Intern Queen, Lauren Berger, offers tips for what to avoid at your internship.

The Accidental Career
Author, Liz Ryan, emphasizes the importance of having direction for successful careers.

Beware of Other Career Blogs
Great reminder in this article by Jobacle’s Andrew G.R. to check your sources!

Clever Ways to Research Employers and Positions
I’m always encouraging you to get creative when it comes to your job search, networking, and career planning. Heather Huhman offers some creative ways to research employers and job opportunities.

How to Communicate in the Workplace
Lindsey Pollak helps clarify how and when to use different forms of communication in the workplace.

Twitter: Why So Many People Don’t Get It
Twitter’s becoming one of my new favourite networking and job searching tools, but not everyone gets why. Jacob Share explains the confusion, then offers 20 tops uses of Twitter.

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  1. Jacob Share from JobMob Reply

    Thanks for the mention, Grace.

    I especially liked Heather’s column on the company research.

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