I ask U: Is it still ok to be humble?

Is it still ok to be humble? In a professional world that appears to reward self-promotion, how and where does humility fit in?

I don’t know that I have a fully articulated response to this question, but my gut instinct is that, YES, it’s still ok to be humble and succeed in the professional world.

What do you think? Is humility just for the weak? What does it mean to be humble? How do you get ahead and still remain humble?

5 comments on “I ask U: Is it still ok to be humble?”

  1. Kelly Giles Reply

    This question made me stop and think a minute. You’re right, the push toward using social media for personal branding can make it seem like you should be on a constant self-promotion tour. But there’s a reason “authenticity” has become a major buzzword. I think in the context of social media, being authentic is about sharing. Sharing yourself, your knowledge, what you’re good at, what you’re not, what you have questions about, who’s helped. You have to share — the good and the bad — to be successful. I think it’s more than OK to be humble; it’s necessary.

  2. Khyati Reply

    It’s an interesting question. I would say one’s culture plays an important role in humility too. When I moved to US from India, I was not comfortable initially to talk about my accomplishments and achievments as openly as it was required here. I quickly learned that though humility is extremely important, it is also important to be confident about yourself and be able to talk about your achievements as and when necessary. Agree with Jamie, humility defines the fine line between confidence and arrogance.

    Some of the best global business leaders I admire are humble despite their success.

  3. Jamie Reply

    Aaah. Great question!

    Here’s how I see it. Humility is the only thing standing in the way between confidence and arrogance. I think knowing your strengths and being able to be genuinely pleased when someone else notices is a balance we can all hope to have.

    Confidence and humility are not opposites. They can be harmonious. And, I think finding the harmony between those two is a different adventure for everyone.

  4. Sweet Reply

    Tim, thank you! You put that very well. I think it’s great to promote one’s self for career purposes, but it can definitely still be done with humility. Thanks so much for commenting!

  5. Tim Tyrell-Smith Reply

    I love this question! I think humility is crucial especially in this social media world. In my opinion, there is little room in the world for constant self-promotion. The way you win is by supporting and promoting others. Give back and you will get back, right?

    Humility is for the smart and the strong . . .

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