Quick Tips: 10 assumptions you SHOULD be making

If you’re starting out as a new professional, changing jobs, or changing careers, the following list of assumptions can help make your transition a bit smoother.

Assume that:

  1. You have a lot to offer, but you also have a lot to learn.
  2. You have great ideas, but not everyone wants to hear them.
  3. Your feelings matter, but so do the feelings of your colleagues.
  4. There may be very legitimate reasons why your organization has implemented certain processes and/or regulations.
  5. Processes and regulations can be questioned, but should be done so after careful research of their history, and with great tact and diplomacy. 
  6. When co-workers or supervisors complain about their jobs, it’s time to listen politely, not share your own list of complaints.
  7. Even if you work alone, you’re still accountable to a team.
  8. Your supervisor knows what he or she is doing.
  9. Trust is earned over time, as is a good reputation.
  10. You will be giving more of yourself than you’ll be getting back.

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