Quick Tips: Grab bag resumes

Create a “grab bag” resume that lists ALL of your experience, paid and unpaid, in reverse chronological order. This grab bag resume is for your eyes only (and maybe the eyes of your career counselor); never share the grab bag resume with employers.

  • Your grab bag resume can be as long as you need it to be. 
  • Keep adding new experiences as you gain them. Even add different ways of describing your experiences. 
  • When you apply for specific positions, you can use your grab bag resume as a starting point from which you can begin creating a tailored, one-page resume. 
  • Just delete any information that is not relevant to the specific position to which you’re applying. Or, re-phrase information to make their relevance more obvious. 
  • Remember to re-save your newly tailored resume with a different file name – for example, naming it after the employer to which you are applying will make it easier to find later. 
  • If you come up with a brilliant new way of re-phrasing certain experiences, remember to copy and paste those new resume phrases back into your grab bag resume for future reference.

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