Resume Phrases – Psychology Majors

It can sometimes be challenging to come up with ways to describe your accomplishments, especially those from academic settings. Here are a handful of resume phrases that Psychology majors may find useful:

  • Read extensively about various child development theories, including those of Piaget, Mahler, Bowlby and Bandura.
  • Familiar with research design, reseach methodologies, and statistical analysis.
  • Conducted semester-long study examining response times to visual stimuli with and without auditory distractions, resulting in 25-page paper and 30 min. presentation.
  • Examined theory that employment duration among immigrant populations is longer than that of domestic populations.
  • Used various electronic databases, including PsychInfo, PsychARTICLES, and ProQuest.
  • Lead numerous class discussion on wide range of topics, such as anxiety’s effect on studying, post tramautic stress from 9/11, and therapeutic uses of music and song.
  • As part of 5-student group, observed learning strategies of 3-5 year old children at local daycare center.
  • Utilized SPSS to analyze research findings.  

Keep in mind that the phrases above are just examples and are provided to remind you of your many accomplishments as a student. Revise, edit and tailor the phrases as your needs require.

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