Video: Resume headers for college students and recent grads

I’ve received some questions about basic resume writing. So, I decided to start creating a few short videos showing the most common sections of resumes for college students and recent grads. This first video deals with the header of the resume, also known as the contact information section.

(Unfortunately, my mic is not working, so this first video lacks any voice over, but future video tutorials will include some audio commentary.)

Please note that resumes sent to US employers are expected to be no longer than 1-page in length. The Canadian standard is 2 pages, as it is in many countries in Europe and Asia. Please research the standards in the country to which you will be submitting your resume.

Also, resumes sent to North American employers should not include personal demographic information, such as age, height, weight, marital status, SIN/SSN. (Theatre/acting resumes do include height, weight and hair colour.)

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