Around the Web in 7 Days: 2-13-09

In this weekly segment, I post 7 career articles that caught my eye over the past week – articles I think are worth your attention.

Networking for People Who Hate Networking
When I think of networking, I think of the brand of networking Louise Fletcher describes in this insightful article. Networking really can be about helping others.

What Career Service Office Advisors Should be Telling Students About Social Media [Part 1/2]
I work with a lot of students applying to law school, so I found this Josh Camson article very useful. It highlights the effective use of LinkedIn; be sure to read Part 2, which highlights Twitter and Facebook.

How important is a college degree for your job prospects?
Even before the recession, I began hearing increasing numbers of comments from disgruntled college grads who were wondering if they had wasted their time and money on their college degree. This Keppie Careers article reminds us of the value of a college degree, but also emphasizes the importance of knowing how to market the degree to prospective employers.

What Women Should–And Shouldn’t–Wear In the Workplace
Ask me about careers, I could ramble for an hour. Even if you asked me about makeup (another passion of mine), I could go on and on. Fashion, on the other hand, stumps me. Many students transitioning to an internship or a new job are equally stumpef as to what is and what isn’t appropriate business attire.  Leah Bourne answers these fashion questions in this Forbes article.

What Have You Done Lately That You Are Proud Of?
This Ocean Grand post offers practical suggestions for how you can start making a difference in the world around you by just doing the things you already do.

Five Ways Employees Can Transform Fear into Courage
In our down economy, stress is on the rise and it’s affecting the workplace. Author, Judith Orloff, M.D. gives five practical steps to help manage, and transform, stress.

Senate bill would bar H-1B hiring at firms receiving bailout money
Here’s an FYI to international students and alums – companies that receive bailout money may be barred from hiring H-1B holders.

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    Thank you, Ocean Grand. Your article was great – practical, realistic and helpful.

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