Around the Web in 7 Days: 2-27-09

In this weekly segment, I post 7 career articles that caught my eye over the past week – articles I think are worth your attention.

Career Interrupted? A Note to Gen Y on Surviving the Job Market
Marla Gottschalk offer practical advice to new professionals and job seekers for navigating a difficult job market.

How can you, uh, communicate better for your job hunt?
I’ll admit it, I’m an “uh-er” and I all too frequently through in a “like”! Miriam Salpeter provides some easy-to-follow directions for reducing, even eliminating, these fillers from your conversations.

10 Steps to getting a job through Twitter
For those of us who use Twitter everyday, following career experts and social media gurus, the concept of finding employment via Twitter is probably quite obvious. However, since Twitter is yet to go mainstream, for the majority of job seekers, Twitter is just a pleasant sound that birds make. This Path Mapping post gives some straight-forward guidance on how to turn Twitter into a job searching tool.

Top 10 Social Sites for Finding a Job
While we’re on the topic of using sites like Twitter for job searching, this Dan Schawbel post offers some additional social networking sites for finding employment.

Thinking about Greek Life
Many college students and recent graduates realize the inherent value of their greek experiences as students, but find it difficult to articulate these experiences to prospective employers. Seth Hadenfeldt discusses the benefits of Greek Life in this Campus Grotto article.

Do You Love 80 Percent of Your Job?
As much as I love my job, I’m not one to define myself by my occupation, so I don’t expect all of my joy and happiness to stem from my employer. Curt Rosengren makes the case that if you love your job 80% of the time time, you’re doing pretty well. I have to say, I absolutely agree.

Millennials Want Work/Life Balance… Oh, The Horror!
I applaud this response to fears about Gen Y entering the workplace. Every generation has its short-comings; my generation, Gen X, is said to be apathetic, but I don’t care ;p. This article from the UWCareer Center blog reminds us that pigeon-holing any generation, (or any person, people, race, nationality, etc.) is dangerous and unproductive.

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