Around the Web in 7 Days: 2-6-09

In this weekly segment, I post 7 career articles that caught my eye over the past week – articles I think are worth your attention.

Top 10 Social Networks for Gen Y
Dan Schawbel delivers another relevant and timely article, this one pointing out social networking sites Gen Y should consider looking into. Recruiters and those of us who work closely with Gen Y should pay attention, too.

Say thank you
A brief and to-the-point article from Career News on the importance of thank you notes after interviews. Job seekers, please don’t forget this important step.

Building A Relationship With Your Boss
This is such a useful article from Bryan Povlinski at Brazen Careerist. While especially helpful for new professionals, we can all use this reminder on how to build strong relationships, based on trust, with our supervisors.

I have a document like this and so should you
This post by Daniel Johnson is a encouragement to keep track of positive “recommendations” you receive from colleagues, supervisors, clients, etc.

Expand Your Brand & Career: Open a Twitter Account. Right Now
As a relatively new Tweeter, I am amazed at all possibilities Twitter opens to its users. Dan Blank does a wonderful job of summarizing those possibilities and offers some basic steps new and seasoned users can follow to get more bang for their tweet.

Class of 2009 Salaries Are Flat
Hire Expectations is a new blog, brought to us by our dear friends at the National Association for Colleges and Employers (NACE). NACE’s salary surveys are helpful resources to students and recent grads, but readers should remember that the surveys represent national data.

50 Twitter Users to Follow for Your Job Search
If you’ve begun to use Twitter as a job search tool, here’s a great list of people to be following. Willy Franzen of One Day, One Job and One Day, One Internship has pulled together a formidable list of pros and career experts.

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