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(Service temporarily unavailable.) Sweet Careers provides FREE resume and cover letter reviews to current college or graduate students and recent college graduates, (usually priced at $25 for a review of a single document).  We also provide free graduate school personal statement reviews. Our high-quality review services provide you with a detailed analysis of your documents, showing you ways to highlight your strengths for the specific positions you want.  Please carefully read eligibility requirements and details below.

PLEASE NOTE: We are able to offer free reviews to up to five (5) eligible clients per week. If we have reached five free reviews for the week, we will let you know, and move your request to the top of the following week. If you need a review more quickly or if you do not meet the eligibility requirements, please consider purchasing one of our Review Services packages.


  • You are a college student, graduate student or recent graduate (graduated within the last 2 years) with a job target (i.e. you have a specific job, internship or graduate school to which you are applying, or you have a specific field or industry selected).
  • (You are a member of Calvary Chapel of Appleton – this is a special promotion, please email Grace directly, do NOT use this form.)
  • You are a Sweet Careers fan, follower or subscriber.


  • $25 FREE – Sweet Careers does not provide a resume-writing service; our goal is to educate you on how to write resumes/cover letters for yourself.
  • While this service is free, we do require that you do one, or all, of the following:

How it works:

  • Complete the form below.
  • Please indicate which of the eligibility criteria you meet.
  • Your review will be a customized, video response. For an example, please click here.
  • We make every effort to provide your review (of a single document) within 1 week. Reviews of multiple documents (both a cover letter and a resume) and personal statements will take longer.
  • Reviews of subsequent drafts of your resumes/cover letters or personal statements continue to be free if submitted within 7 days of receiving our initial review.
  • PLEASE NOTE: We are able to offer free reviews to up to five (5) eligible clients per week. If we have reached five free reviews for the week, we will let you know, and move your request to the top of the following week. If you need a review more quickly or if you do not meet the eligibility requirements, please consider purchasing one of our Review Services packages.

68 comments on “FREE Resume/Cover Letter Reviews”

  1. Patrick Reply

    Thanks for the review. I was not expecting such and in depth review. I'm going to take your advice and follow up with you ASAP. Thanks again.

  2. Anna Manasova Reply


    Thank you very much for reviewing my CV. I understand that the conventions in Europe may be a bit different but you still provided great comments and I'll try and improve my resume based on your suggestions. Thanks again. Highly recommended to any recent grads.

  3. Ashley B. Reply


    Thanks so much for taking time to review my resume. Your comments were very helpful! I will definitely use the ideas you provided to enhance my resume and cover letter.

    Ashley B.

  4. Anonymous Reply

    I am unable to get the "Contact Me" section to work so I am posting my question here.

    I am applying for a part-time legal typist position advertised as follows:

    Downtown law firm seeking part time legal typist. Flexible hours and competitive salary. Please forward resume to xxxxxxxxxxxxxx. No phone calls, please.

    I want to continue attending college to complete my degree, but I would like to obtain part-time employment around my college schedule. I have over 20 years experience as a legal secretary and left the legal field in June 2008 to return to school (I'm 41 years old). Do you think the following sounds good for my cover letter:

    I am a student at Cleveland State University looking for a part-time legal position. I have over 20 years legal experience, most recently working for xxxxxxxxxxx before leaving in June 2008 to return to school. I have attached my resume for your consideration. I currently attend school on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays from 11:00 a.m. to 3:50 p.m. and Tuesdays from 9:00 a.m. to 11:50 a.m. If my legal typing skills and legal experience would be beneficial to you, while still allowing me to pursue my degree, I would very much like to set up an interview to further explore how my skills and experience can best benefit your firm.

    If not, what changes do you propose? Please e-mail me at Thank you for any assistance you can provide.


  5. Kate Reply

    I commented back in June but I wanted to add a little more now that I'm employed!!

    Using suggestions from Grace to develop my resume I have created a great one that I'm very happy with. I know that how my work and education history were presented was very important in my recent interview and hiring to my new job! Thanks again Grace!!

    If you would like to check out some the jobs I've been posting to #payitforward you can go to

  6. Guneet Reply

    This is a great service, taking into consideration that it is free, I believe this is an excellent opportunity for Grads and people looking for a job. I would like to thank Grace for spending her time for reviewing my Resume.

    Thanks very much.

  7. Tabitha Reply

    Grace, you confirmed what I had been thinking in regard to my resume. I think you are offering an incredibly useful and generous service. Thank you for your suggestions. I will certainly implement them.

  8. Amber Reply

    a HUGE thank you to you, Grace, for providing such a comprehensive, thoughtful review of my resume! Your tips are very well received and I plan to use them for an even more strategic, targeted job search. All recent grads should take advantage of your service–it is unlike anything any other career counselor is doing!


  9. Clement Bryant Reply

    Thanks for the review Grace! It really helped me out and I feel like my resume is at it's best right now. I look forward to more twitter posts from you!

  10. Juan Reply

    The service Grace provides is great. She took the time to read my CV and cover letter, and provide advice on how to make my CV stand out. All of her comments were relevant and I'm sure have helped improving my CV.

    Good to know there's still people like Grace around, willing to help young people with their careers.

    Grace, thank you very much for your time and advice.

  11. Kimberly Reply

    Grace, lets you what to change in exact definable statements. It leaves you with a clear undersatnding of how to change your resume each time to best highlight your ability to the companies needs…and in todays market that is critical.

  12. JDStarr Reply

    I was amazed at the generosity of Grace and the quality of her suggestions regarding my resume. It was greatly helpful and as given me a good direction to go in further revising my resume. Thank you so much!

  13. simax96 Reply

    Thanks soo much for giving my resume some guidance and depth. I really appreciate your looking over my resume. You're the best Grace :).God Bless.

  14. Geneva Reply

    I contacted Ms. Grace Kutney for advice on information interviewing (after reading her blog about it). Her advice was very insightful and encouraging. I can only imagine that her resume and cover letters are the same.

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