Job board review:

Here’s a review of, specifically the job and internship posting functions. Idealist receives 4.5/5 sugar cubes. (Click here for an explanation of my review criteria.)

  • Aesthetic Appeal – This site has a lot going on, which isn’t a bad thing, but I do find the main page a little bit busy. It may be a bit overwhelming to new users to navigate the page in order to get to the job and internship postings.
  • Ease of Use – job and internship searches are very easy to use.
  • Range of Search Options – There’s an appropriate range of search options, with expanded functionality for members. Membership is free and allows you to save searches and set up e-mail alerts.
  • Search Results – I am always interested in seeing opportunities in the Midwest, and there were both full time and internship opportunities appearing in the Midwest when I did the search. The job opportunities were varied in terms of job function. There are a opportunities for college students and recent grads.
  • Target Audience Effectiveness – Idealist knows the non-profit world, and the site definitely demonstrates this expertise.

Website Review: (Video embedded)

Reviews are based solely on my opinion as a career development professional. Please use discretion when using any career website.

(I’ve been wanting to conduct more career website reviews, but have been searching for reliable, easy to use screencasting software that would allow me to show you my reviews “live.” I believe I have found the software I was needing in Jing.)

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  2. Meg Reply

    Hi Grace,

    Thanks so much for your great review! One other Idealist resource that might be useful for your readers is The Idealist Guide to Nonprofit Careers. It’s available for free to download, email, or print out by chapter or in its entirety. It’s also in two versions: one for first-time job seekers and one for sector switchers. You can find it here:

    Thanks again for checking out our site and for your great work on your blog!


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