Quick Tips: The Write Stuff

(I originally posted these tips on Twitter. @sweetcareers)

  • If you need to write a term paper, look for ways to write on a topic related to your field or industry, even in unrelated classes.
  • Try to identify, early in college, the type of writing expected in your field. Get samples of this type of writing.
  • I like this idea – one writing professor I know has students interview professionals in their fields of interest to find out what type of writing is required – it can vary greatly from field to field and from industry to industry.
  • While a student, keep a file of writing samples from courses.

2 comments on “Quick Tips: The Write Stuff”

  1. Sweet - aka Grace Kutney Reply

    Somebodyunfamous, great question! Although my site is written primarily for current college students and recent grads, I think professionals would also benefit from keeping samples of their writing. Business proposals, correspondence (both electronic and traditional), lesson plans, journal entries, training manuals, technical writing – all would be great things to collect for future reference.

  2. Somebodyunfamous Reply

    Ah, great stuff, as long as you’re still in college. What about those of us who graduated 6 years ago!? :-)

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