Resume Phrases – Public Relations

It can sometimes be challenging to come up with ways to describe your accomplishments, especially those from academic settings. Here are a handful of resume phrases that Public Relations majors may find useful:

  • Studied various theories of communications, including ____, ____, ____ and ____.
  • Examined issues of age, ethnicity, and gender in relation to communication.
  • Wrote simulated memo to parents of first year students informing them about recent changes to residence policies; letter subsequently adopted by Residence Life.
  • Interviewed attorney, J. Smith, regarding issues slander, invasion of privacy and libel; gave 15 min. class presentation summarizing interview.
  • Developed communication portfolio for St. Mary’s Hospital in collaboration with three other students.
  • Studied crisis communication; presented comparison of Mattel vs. Fisher-Price management of toy recalls
  • Wrote several university press releases, including news of $2.5 million gift
  • Gave numerous mock news conferences, including announcement of tainted beef recall.
  • Developed 20-page, corporate communications package for mock Google buyout of Facebook and gave 30 min. class presentation as part of 3-person final project.

Keep in mind that the phrases above are just examples and are provided to remind you of your many accomplishments as a student. Revise, edit and tailor the phrases as your needs require.

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  1. Sweet - aka Grace Kutney Reply

    Please note that these resume phrases describe coursework experience. Once you have completed some internships, that experience will become dominant on the resume.

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