Resume Phrases – Sociology

It can sometimes be challenging to come up with ways to describe your accomplishments, especially those from academic settings. Here are a handful of resume phrases that Sociology majors may find useful:

  • Familiar with various theoretical perspectives, including systems theory, exchange theory, ____, _____ and ______
  • Led several class discussions on topics such as Feminist Response to Racism, Modernizing the Catholic Church, and Sociology of the Internet
  • Examined cultural influences on consumer behavior with specific emphasis on Japanese-American culture; wrote 15-page paper summarizing findings
  • As part of 4-person group, gave 45-minute presentation on Homelessness in Chicago, theorizing that __________
  • Familiar with models of research design, data collection techniques and data analysis
  • Compared media coverage of two celebrities and two political figures to examine role of media and popular culture on daily life
  • Conducted interviews of 30 professional women (employed full time)and 32 college women (employed no more than 20 hours/week) as part of field project that explored perceptions of high-end consumer items
  • Designed social network website, using Ning, to research “group think” within virtual communities; site later adopted by instructor to conduct future research

Keep in mind that the phrases above are just examples and are provided to remind you of your many accomplishments as a student. Revise, edit and tailor the phrases as your needs require.

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