Website review: Research Experiences for Undergraduates – REU

Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU)

Here’s a review of Research Experiences for Undergraduates (REU), specifically the “Search for an REU Site” page. Since the REU page is not a typical job/internship posting site, this review, with accompanying video, aims to demonstrate site navigation and highlight the opportunities provided by the program. The REU Search page receives 3.5/5 sugar cubes. Please keep in mind that this review is not of the REU experiences themselves. REUs are highly competitive, prestigious summer research opportunities that are definitely worth exploring.
(Click here for an explanation of my review criteria.)

  • Aesthetic Appeal – This search page is uncomplicated, but not unappealing.
  • Ease of Use – Because of its simplicity, the page is very easy to use.
  • Range of Search Options – Unfortunately, there really isn’t much of a search function. You can search by either keywords or state. Ideally, applicants could search by deadline date, starting and ending dates of the programs, or be given a range of keywords or research topics from which to choose. None of these options currently exist, so you are left to sift through the various opportunities to find ones of interest.
  • Search Results – The opportunities, once you sift through them, are quite plentiful, especially in the “hard sciences.” Fewer opportunities exist in the social, behavioral, and economic sciences and in education. Since students receive stipends and are often provided with assistance for housing and travel expenses, geographic variety tends to be less important to applicants.
  • Target Audience Effectiveness – These opportunities, once you become accustomed to navigating the site, are phenomenal for students interested in gaining high caliber research experiences.

Website Review: Research Experiences for Undergraduates – REU (Video embedded)

Reviews are based solely on my opinion as a career development professional. Please use discretion when using any career website.

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