Who’s Hiring in Your Town?

Guest Author: CareerAlley

Companies are leveraging their company career sites on a more consistent basis than they have in the past. This trend has picked up pace in the last few months as the sagging economy has forced companies to look for ways to save money. The other benefit for companies is that it gives them greater control over their initial screening process (rather than depending on Job Boards and Recruiters). This trend is likely to increase as the practice becomes a part of “standard operating procedures”.

There are disadvantages as well. The potential candidate pool is smaller, so companies have fewer qualified candidates to choose from. One could argue that this will change as the economy forces job seekers to company career sites in order to increase their chances of landing a new job. The disadvantage for candidates is that they must enter the same information in each company career site (rather than once on the Job Board). Seems to me there is an opportunity here for someone to create an application that will populate company career sites automatically.

That being said, there are tools you can use to narrow your choices, find companies in your cities/towns of choice and even auto-fill some fields.

Who’s Hiring: Let’s leverage some of the links covered in previous posts to find out who’s hiring.

  • Who’s Hiring – The Wall Street Journal’s (WSJ) online career site lists companies that are currently hiring. There were 24 companies listed when I checked the site.
  • Desperately Seeking Workers – AOL page lists the top 10 companies hiring this week based on job postings, this site is updated every week. AOL provides detailed information on the companies and jobs.

Where are they Hiring: Same theory here, using some of the search tools previously covered we can where companies are located (and if they are hiring).

  • JobSearchShortcut.com – Covered in Monday’s post, you can leverage this site to find companies in your area (or your target cities) and go directly to career sites with the links provided.
  • Trovix – Also covered in a previous post, you can use Trovix.com’s advanced search function to find who is hiring in which city. As an example, typing Costa Mesa California in location and Wells Fargo in the company filed yields 97 jobs located within 25 miles (you can change the radius). You can then go the companies website to apply directly.

AutoFill Options:There several options for autofill depending on your browser. Autofill will take some of the pain out of filling in the same information time after time. Keep in mind that there are limitations with all autofill software.

  • Internet Explorer – There is software you can buy for IE that will autofill basic fields like name, address, telephone numbers, email address and some others. Roboform is one example.
  • Firefox – Firefox has add-ons which are typically free and can auto fill fields for you.
  • Safari – Safari has an autofill function built in to the software. Instructions for use can be found on the Apple support page. There is a version of Safari for Windows as well.

Good luck in your search.

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