Quick Tips: Developing Your Skills Outside the Classroom

(I originally posted these tips on Twitter. @sweetcareers)

  • While a student identify skills that you lack or need improved. Seek opportunities to develop those skills. Be creative; get involved. Involvement can be short or long term.
  • Student organizations, (clubs, Greek life) are great places to consider
  • Get communications skills through toastmasters, phone-a-thons, admissions tour guide, as tutor, RA, peer advising, athletics
  • Get organizational skills through event planning, lab assistant, library/book store clerk, office (campus) assistant
  • Get team work skills through athletics, intramurals, Habitat builds, theatre/music productions, campus councils, trip coordination

(I am considering running a series of posts highlighting different transferable skills and the common on-campus and off-campus jobs or volunteer opportunities where each skill might be developed. Would you be interested in this type of post? Please let me know – leave a comment.)

2 comments on “Quick Tips: Developing Your Skills Outside the Classroom”

  1. Kelly Giles Reply

    Hi there –

    Thanks for the great resources! I would definitely be interested in a post highlighting transferable skills possessed by students, especially if it included a phrasing guide.

    For example, instead of telling people that they could use their event planning experience as a skill, also give a sample like, “Planned event for 250+ students from concept to completion.”

    Another great thing to include would be whether or not to say that the experience took place on campus, for free, etc. If you did classwork for an outside company, do you have to say it was classwork or can you just list the experience?

    Basically, try to address small logistical details that really hang people up.

    Thanks again!

    Kelly Giles

  2. Employment Screening Services Reply


    Nice points, but what about management skills. Will this not include here.

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