Sweet Careers Twitter account compromised

First, thank you to all my followers on Twitter! Twitter has been such a powerful networking tool and I’ve really enjoyed getting to know some of you and hope to get to know more of you over the course of time.

I did, however, want to let you know that my @sweetcareers account and my @LUCareerCenter account have been compromised. I’m not sure of the extent of the “damage” and am trusting that Twitter will deal with the issue. At the moment, I’m unable to log into either account because of @tanzo. The most recent post appearing on my account, pictured in the image to the left, was not sent by me. Hopefully the problem will be resolved soon (I’m scheduled to speak about Twitter during a presentation tomorrow!). In the mean time, if anyone needs to get a hold of me, please use the “Contact Me” button on this blog. Thank you so much!

UPDATE 4-16-09: I now have control of both @sweetcareers and @LUCareerCenter again. @tanzo returned both accounts to me. I try to see the good in most situations, so the good I see in this is the reminder to be CAUTIOUS when using 3rd party applications. I think part of the beauty of Web 2.0 is the ability to transition from one application to the next with only one username/password, but we do have to be cautious about applications with which you are unfamiliar. Also, change up your password periodically.

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