There’s still room for a little kindness

This post is about being kind – in the workplace, and in life. Yes, I know, it sounds a bit old fashioned, maybe a bit backward. Some will say, “Grace, that just doesn’t work in the real world.” I mentioned this topic to a colleague and his response was, “Nobody gets ahead by being nice and kind. Are you sure you want to write about that?” Yes, actually, I DO want to write about this topic. More than ever. It seems like everywhere I look, I see people saying things and doing things that are mean – in the name of “getting ahead.”

So, I’m going to go ahead and write, albeit briefly, about being kind. However, I also realize that this post will likely not be shared or tweeted nearly as far and wide as other posts. That’s ok. These simple things still need to be stated.

So, here are a few thoughts about kindness.

It really is ok:

  • to lend a hand to another person without expecting anything in return
  • to show reverence and respect, not necessarily because everyone deserves it, but because it’s the polite thing to do
  • to be polite – somehow, vulgarity has been touted as synonymous with inner strength and immodesty with fortitude. Vulgarity doesn’t necessarily make a person strong, nor does being polite make one weak. In fact, sometimes it takes greater strength to be polite.
  • to be genuinely happy for someone who got the promotion/accolade/recognition instead of you
  • not to plan every activity (or most activities) around furthering your career – Yes, it’s important to be thoughtful and planful about your career, but don’t let that planfulness prevent you from volunteering out of the kindness of your heart or participating in other activities simply because you enjoy them
  • to be humble

Will being kind help you to get ahead? Maybe, maybe not – but getting ahead isn’t always the point.

3 comments on “There’s still room for a little kindness”

  1. Kelly Cuene Reply

    I think it is easier to be kind when working in higher education, which is why I’m glad I’m here. But, that doesn’t mean there isn’t room for it, or a need for it (probably more so) in other fields.

    On a related note, if anyone models what you’re writing about here, it’s you!

  2. Dawn Bugni Reply

    Great post. BRAVO! My mother taught me “It doesn’t cost anymore to be nice.” I live by those words. Well … most of the time.

    The best part about being thoughtful and considerate is it ALWAYS comes back to you 10-fold.

    In difficult times, a little kindness goes a long ways. Take time to do something unexpected for someone today.

  3. Sherry Reply

    Some say you don’t get anything for being kind, but I don’t think that’s true. It just depends on what your goal is. If your goal is to add something positive to a fellow human being’s life, then you have achieved a lot by following through with that. Not everything is measurable in dollars.

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