Transferable Skills Developed On-Campus: Organizational

Woman Pulling Files from File CabinetMany valuable transferable skills can be gained through common on-campus jobs and activities. This series of articles, “Transferable Skills Developed On-Campus” highlights some common positions found on many university campuses (not an exhaustive list of campus positions). Each article will feature a different transferable skill and provide examples of resume phrases that coincide with the campus positions.


Library worker

  • Sorted and reshelved books and media
  • Processed faculty and graduate student requests for interlibrary loans
  • Labeled, stamped and sorted hundreds of books with 100% accuracy

Food service/catering worker

  • Conducted daily inventories of stock, paying close attention to detail so manager knew what to re-order
  • Worked closely with fellow staff to make sure catering deliveries arrived on time for all events
  • Coordinated staff schedules, including proper timing of breaks for balanced floor coverage


  • Organized weekly lesson plans for 8 music students
  • Coordinated tutoring schedules for 2 college students and 4 high school students
  • Facilitated workshops on “Time Management for College Students”

Office worker/desk clerk

  • Coordinated large-scale mailings to 60+ student organizations
  • Re-arranged shared work space to improve student workers’ access to different office equipment and materials
  • Suggested and implemented new cataloging system for Sociology department’s books, magazines and media

Residence advisor

  • Organized 6 in-service events covering wide range of educational and social topics, including “Managing Exam Stress,” “Connecting Face to Face with Your Facebook Community,” and “Athlete Meet Artist”
  • Helped coordinate resident’s involvement in Habitat for Humanity build, including publicizing activity, reserving transportation, and arranging dining plans
  • Documented and reported housekeeping and maintenance requirements

Research/lab assistant

  • Planned extensive data collection schedule, including participant interviews, securing recording equipment, and reserving venues
  • Performed data entry and analysis of 50 item survey completed by 350 participants
  • Maintained laboratory including, ensuring all reagents are properly stored, supplies are replenished, chemical waste and non-hazardous waste are properly collected and discarded

IT help desk/computer lab assistant

  • Assisted over 150 first year students set up personal computers and establish network connections during Welcome Week
  • Helped IT department upgrade computers (both pc and Mac) in 3 labs
  • Maintained lab printers, including managing computer printouts and restocking paper supplies

Greek or student organization officer

  • Implemented campus-wide marketing campaign resulting in 34% increase in pledges
  • Coordinated all organization trips, including reserving transportation, submitting travel waivers, and collecting fees
  • Organized “Denim Drive,” successfully collecting 2000+ pairs of jeans to raise money for local domestic abuse shelter

Campus newspaper/magazine worker

  • Collected, sorted and labeled 200+ photos for magazine’s annual photo contest
  • Edited and published weekly college newspaper
  • Scheduled interviews regularly with students, administrators, faculty, alumni and community members

Admissions staff worker

  • Entered confidential applicant information and inquiries into electronic database; sorted paper files
  • Organized weekly mass mailings to prospective and admitted students
  • Developed and implemented calling schedule for student workers

Image source: ca. 2000 — Woman Pulling Files from File Cabinet — Image by © Royalty-Free/Corbis

Keep in mind that the phrases above are just examples. Revise, edit and tailor the phrases as your needs require.
The next article will highlight DIVERSITY/CULTURAL AWARENESS skills.

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    Great transferable achievements. I would add to try always include and front-end results and then get into how. :-) Just my two cents. Great advice!!

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