Twitter Basics Video: Using Tweetdeck for Job Search and Networking

There are many resource available that describe how great a tool Twitter is for job search and networking, but there’s still understandable confusion about exactly HOW Twitter can be used. Further, there are so many Twitter applications that it can be frustrating just trying to figure out what interface will serve your particular needs. In this video, I highlight one application, Tweetdeck, and focus in on just a couple of it’s functions to demonstrate how it can be used to make your Twitter job search and networking more efficient. (Stay tuned for future videos on different Twitter applications and websites.)

Twitter Basics Video: Using Tweetdeck for Job Search and Networking (video embedded)

(A full screen viewing option is available – click “Fullscreen View” in bottom right hand corner.)

4 comments on “Twitter Basics Video: Using Tweetdeck for Job Search and Networking”

  1. Gary Reply

    You might want to also check out This is an easy to use service which allows you to subscribe to “Job Channels”, which are location and industry specific. New jobs will automatically be sent to your cellphone….

  2. Sweet - aka Grace Kutney Reply

    Thanks for your question. At this time, I am not aware of a specific way to narrow searches by geographic location using Tweetdeck – perhaps one of my readers can offer insights. Check out for a Twitter-specific job search tool.

  3. Justin Reply

    When creating tweets that function and search strings for job opportunities is there a way to filter it down to a specific geographic location?

  4. Robert Reply

    I have to thank you for this tutorial. I joined Twitter a few weeks ago for the sole purpose of finding job leads, and I thought I had done all there was do to – which was to follow as many recruiters as possible. You have no idea how much this helped!! Thanks!

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