Transferable Skills Developed On-Campus: Diversity/Cultural Awareness

Many valuable transferable skills can be gained through common on-campus jobs and activities. This series of articles, “Transferable Skills Developed On-Campus” highlights some common positions found on many university campuses (not an exhaustive list of campus positions). Each article will feature a different transferable skill and provide examples of resume phrases that coincide with the campus positions. (Image source)


Library worker

  • Acted as first point of contact for community members, including toddlers, teens, business people and retirees

Food service/catering worker

  • Catered wide variety of events, including ethnic weddings, board of trustee banquets, and community fund raising events


  • Provided one-on-one tutoring for college students with different learning abilities, including a student diagnosed with dyslexia, and another diagnosed with Asperger syndrome

Office worker/desk clerk

  • Worked closely with international prospective and admitted students through email and via telephone

Residence advisor

  • Facilitated 3 diversity training workshops for total of 82 freshmen; sessions received highest ratings in “Expanded My Knowledge” survey category

Research/lab assistant

  • Helped design 25-item survey for participants whose first language is not English

IT help desk/computer lab assistant

  • Provided technical support to wide range of users, including very experienced and inexperienced PC/Mac users

Greek or student organization officer

  • Lobbied successfully for organization to revise recruitment processes to actively reach non-traditional student populations

Campus newspaper/magazine worker

  • Spear-headed launch of “Gender Genre” column in campus newspaper – weekly column raising issues of gender and sexuality

Admissions staff worker

  • Worked closely with first generation college students and their parents; designed handouts and brochures addresses frequently asked questions

Keep in mind that the phrases above are just examples. Revise, edit and tailor the phrases as your needs require.

The next article will highlight ANALYTICAL/CRITICAL THINKING skills.

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  1. Jon Reply

    Hey, this is an interesting article.
    The format is great and really highlights how University is far far more than simply lectures and more lectures!
    I think activities such as sport, drama and others are also extremely valuable and can look great on a CV.

    I recent spoke to Manchester Business School Alumnus with advice on transferable skills. I have started writing a series of articles about this, I hope you will find them of interest. The most recent one is:

    Thanks for a good rea,


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