Checklist for How to Make Smart Use of Your Summer

Guest Author: Dr. Debi Yohn
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15 Ideas for Using Your Summer to Build your Resume

Do you have a college student in your house? What are their plans for this summer? Now is the time to be making summer plans so the summer is productive. Don’t kid yourself, by June, the good jobs are GONE.

Think creatively and have your student think of ways to build their resume. Use the summer to get a jump start on college course work, to have a volunteer experience, or have a work experience.

Hopefully this list will get you started. If you do not have a college student in your house but you know one, help them out. Give them a summer opportunity.

1. Traditional Jobs

2. Hotel and Resorts

3. Theme Parks

4. Tennis Club/Golf Club

5. Local Restaurants and Businesses

6. Park and Recreation Departments have Summer Job Programs.

7. Local Government Summer Job Programs.

8. Federal Government has Job Programs.

9. Camp Counselor

a. This is a built in summer job if they like you.
b. Go to the camp you attended as a child and apply.
c. The pay isn’t great but you also do not have any expenses.

10. Work in a family business.

11. Remain on campus for Summer Session.

a. Taking classes will guarantee you graduate on time or early
b. Take a difficult class so you can concentrate on one class
c. Take one difficult class and one fun elective.

12. Community College

a. First check with your school to see if they accept credits.
b. Community College has great professors that might have a teaching style that works for you.
c. Community College credits are less expensive so you can save some tuition money

13. Internships

a. Explore early in the spring, businesses that offer internships in areas of your interest. They may hire you when you graduate if you impress them during your college years.
b. Experience is worth more to you than pay. You can put this on your resume and have references.

14. Volunteer

a. Inner City programs
b. Habitat for Humanity – Local and Foreign opportunities
c. 1-to-1 Volunteer Vacations

15. Intensive Language Programs

***Always be building your resume. Use your summer to Play Smart.***

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5 comments on “Checklist for How to Make Smart Use of Your Summer”

  1. Diane Reply

    If all of the jobs are gone, you can at least start preparing for the SAT or ACT tests this fall. Just take those flashcards to the pool …!

  2. paigenclark Reply

    Being a college student this post was great to review ideas and refresh my attitude about what to do this upcoming summer… As for finding some great opportunities i would suggest young adults to check out for more options since the current economic times have made it even harder for young people to find work!

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