Guest Post: Job Searching and Social Media

Guest Author: Jennifer Carpenter, Junior Copywriter
If you’re in the process of a job search right now, you know there are many roads you can follow on your quest for success.

Perhaps the latest and most innovative trend is searching for jobs via social media sites. While there are differing opinions out there as to whether or not this approach is the most effective, using social social media sites allows job seekers to network, which is one of the most important steps to finding employment.

If you’re just embarking on the world of social media, you might notice that there are a plethora of sites out there. The most popular in terms of job searching seem to be LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. Once you’ve created personal accounts on each of these sites, there are some things to keep in mind regarding your job search.

LinkedIn – This is often considered to be the most professional social networking site. It allows users to list their qualifications and current and past work experience, as well as make connections with other professionals and join various discussion groups.

A recent poll from Jump Start Social Media found that 75 percent of hiring managers use LinkedIn to research potential candidates before making a hiring decision, while 66 percent of hiring managers use LinkedIn when sourcing candidates.

Facebook – This site started out as a way for college students to network with one another, but has turned into much more. Users can create in-depth personal profiles and network with friends and professionals. The site allows users to become a fan of various companies’ and find out more information through those companies’ pages.

Facebook also has several applications that can be used specifically for job searching. Some of these include: Jobster Career Network, OfficeBook, Indeed – Job Search, Testimonials, Professional Profile, CareerBuilder, MonsterTrack Job Search Agent, Jobvite’s Work With Us, MeetingWave and Inside Job. There are several others job seekers can use to help themselves find employment.

Twitter – This site allows users to post short, 140 character updates. Users can find other friends and professionals to follow, meaning they will receive updates from that user. There has been a lot of controversy over whether or not Twitter is a useful tool for job searching, but despite that, several sites have sprung up aimed at just that.

Some of those sites include:,, TwitterJobCast, JobMotel, TweetMyJobs,, ConnectTweet, Twellow, TweetBeep, HashDictionary, TweetDeck, TwitterSearch, NearByTweets, Twollo and Twitscoop. Some traditional job boards are creating features that allow employers to Tweet open jobs, and even Twitter’s own search feature enables users to find jobs that are listed.

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