Resume Phrases – Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement

law_scalesIt can sometimes be challenging to come up with ways to describe your accomplishments, especially those from academic settings. Here are a handful of resume phrases that may be helpful for students studying Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement:

  • Examined the roles of police, prosecution, courts and corrections in administration of justice in United States
  • Reviewed security problems affecting commercial businesses, such as burglary, robbery, shoplifting, check fraud, credit card fraud, safe selection, counterfeiting
  • Researched sociological aspects of police/community relations, with focus on police relations with minority groups and positive police/citizen partnerships
  • Studied fundamentals of criminal investigation, including searching and recording information at crime scene, handling physical evidence, scientific aids in crime detection, a criminal’s modus operandi and criminal informants
  • Wrote mock-up law enforcement reports using state standards
  • Participated in regular in-class role plays to practice effective conflict resolution communication skills
  • Reviewed traffic laws, deposit-bond schedules, traffic stop procedures, citations, tactical awareness, accident investigations and reports, and traffic control
  • Learn how to prepare for and testify in court of law

Keep in mind that the phrases above are just examples and are provided to remind you of your many accomplishments as a student. Revise, edit and tailor the phrases as your needs require.

As a college student or recent grad, your college degree is often the most marketable thing about you. But how do you translate your academic experience onto your resume? The Resume Phrases by Major series provides sample resume phrases for activities commonly gained in different majors. These sample phrases are intended to inspire students and recent grads to describe their academic experience more thoroughly.

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