Common Resume Errors – Inconsistent Formatting

Resume errors – frankly, we’ve all made them. Some errors are more glaring than others, while some are less obvious. In my first resume, I wrote “Anticipated Gradutation” in the first line and had typed the word “Resume” at the very top of the page! Fortunately, most resume errors can be remedied well before the document lands on a prospective employer’s desk. This new video series will be highlighting some of the common resume errors that I have encountered in my work with college students and recent graduates.

Common Resume Errors – Inconsistent Formatting (video embedded)

Know of other resume errors you’d like to see highlighted? Not sure if you’re making a mistake on your resume? Leave your comments.

3 comments on “Common Resume Errors – Inconsistent Formatting”

  1. Richard Flacco Reply

    Thank you for a very clear and interesting video. I hope you will continue to post videos.

  2. allen Reply

    I am agreed with laura. Besides all these keep in mind that your resume objective must have three basic elements: an explanation of what the statement is doing, a mention of the skills and abilities that you have to offer an employer, and your motive behind submitting the resume.

  3. Laura Brasnan Reply

    Hey !!!
    The job employers read a number of resumes over their careers.You clearly define how can you catch the eye of a job recruiter.

    Resume should not being boring and formulaic.Don’t tell your life/ career story. Mention accurate information regarding the company and Don’t forget to sign at the end of the letter.resume should make you sound determined and not desperate.

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