Common Resume Errors – Resume Templates

Resume templates can sometimes be useful, but do you really need to use one? If so, remember to choose wisely. This video continues our examination of common resume errors.

Common Resume Errors – Resume Templates (video embedded)
Know of other resume errors you’d like to see highlighted? Not sure if you’re making a mistake on your resume? Leave your comments.

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  1. Barbara Safani Reply


    Great points! The resume template business seems to be booming in this recession and their main targets are Gen Y. Writing a strong resume is not about picking a statement from column A and another from Column B. It requires thought, introspection, and hard work. I always laugh when I receive a resume from a Gen Y candidate that is obviously a template. You would think that this group would be savvy enough on the computer to come up with an original design. Thanks for keeping students and recent grads informed.

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