I ask U: How many times did you change your major?

I’ve read various statistics and know through my interactions with college students that it’s very common to change your mind about your major, sometimes several times! But I want to hear from YOU. Did you change your major? If so, how many times? Fill out the poll and leave comments.

2 comments on “I ask U: How many times did you change your major?”

  1. Markell Steele, career counselor Reply

    I changed my major once, from psychology to sociology. I took an intro to psych class and was bored to tears. Then, I took a sociology class and absolutely loved it! I switched after my 2nd quarter and stuck with it. I'm a career counselor now!

  2. Sheema Reply

    I changed my major once. I entered school by declaring my major as sociology, but this was because I wasn't sure about what I wanted to be. After going to my school's fabulous career center, I realized that PR was perfect for me & have never looked back!

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