I ask U: College students and recent grads: How do you, or DO you, use LinkedIn?

I enjoy getting to know my readers whenever I get the chance. This week, I’d like to learn how, or if, you use LinkedIn. A poll is embedded below; please take a moment to complete it. I’d love to read your comments, too.

2 comments on “I ask U: College students and recent grads: How do you, or DO you, use LinkedIn?”

  1. Polina Reply

    I am graduating this semester and have found that few people use LinkedIn on a regular basis. I created an account several years ago but despite the infrequent "connection request" notifications I get in the mail, I hardly ever log on.

  2. Madison Fisher Reply

    I created a LinkedIn account almost a year ago, and used it to connect to PR professionals and classmates that I knew. I logged on only once over the summer because I received about 5 connection requests and decided to accept them all at one time.

    After coming back to school and getting back in to the swing of things, I have re-gained my interest in LinkedIn. I am currently a senior at Clemson University and will graduate in May 2010. After connecting with PRos and realizing their connections, I think that LinkedIn is more important for me now, than ever. I've become more active in the LinkedIn community by posting my resume, joining groups, and sending messages to PRos in order to network.

    I know the saying goes "It's not what you know, but who you know"- and I agree with that 100%. I think that LinkedIn is helping me get to know professionals online and network that I may have not been able to meet on my own.— Hopefully it will help me in the job search!!

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