The Fastest Growing Companies – Who’s Hiring – Vol VIII

Guest Author: CareerAlley

Fast is good, especially when you’re talking about a company’s growth. It’s even better when you are looking for a job (and you land one). We continue on our review of Fortune’s Fastest Growing Companies where we left off last time. From the entire list, you can see a trend for sure. The post’s companies include Crane manufacturing to lots of Oil and Gas Servicing companies.

  • Manitowoc – Ranked 33 on the list, is a crane manufacturer and was not on last year’s list. Their careers page has a company overview center page. The left hand side of the page has links related to careers. The top half of the links covers company background while the bottom half has career related links – Job Search, Professional Development, Skilled Workers, Interns & Graduates and Virtual Interviews (sounds interesting). Click on Job Search and when the next page loads, click on Job Search again and this will bring up a job search engine. As with most career sites these days, you can register, post your resume and add job agents. There were 36 job opportunities when I checked the site.
  • Cameron International – Cameron is a leading oil and gas services provider and was ranked 34 on this year’s list (up from 94 on last year’s list). Their careers page has a comprehensive overview of the company in the center of the page. On the left hand side of the page there is a click down link for Careers at Cameron. If you click this you will see additional links for Career Opportunities and Benefits. Clicking on Career Opportunities will bring up a page asks that you log in or create a new account, but if you click search openings (top left hand side of the page) you can jump directly to the job search page. There were 59 job opportunities when I checked the page.
  • Dawson Geophysical – Ranked 35, Dawson is also involved in the oil and gas industry (seems to be a trend here) and provides onshore seismic data services for oil and gas industry (and they make a point of saying :in the lower 48″). Their careers page is fairly simple, with three links on the left hand side of the page – Job Opportunities, Graduate Opportunities and Benefits. The center of the page has a contact name with an email address, and if you click Graduate Opportunities you get the exact same information (seems to me they could have saved a step here). No clue from the company what (if any) job opportunities they have, but if this is your field, it is certainly worth following up with an email and your resume (don’t forget that cover letter!).
  • Dril-Quip – Yes, another oil and gas related company, but this one focuses on oil and gas drilling equipment that is designed for deepwater and harsh environments. Ranked at #36 (down from 30 last year), their career page offers a very short overview (in very small font) along with a link to their employment form and a telephone number. Below this is a list of approximately 16 job opportunities.
  • PetroQuest Energy – Well I guess the name gives this one away. Ranked 37 on the list PetroQuest is an independent oil and gas company (surprise). This is an easy one, as their career page lists only name, telephone number and email address of their HR rep.

Good luck in your search.

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