Impressive Changes at WFU’s Office of Personal & Career Development

Wake Forest University logoIn December of 2008, I responded to an article by Wake Forest University president Nathan Hatch in which he laid out, among other things, the importance of enhancing college career centers in order to allow them to focus on career development, not just job placement. At the time, I absolutely agreed, but also offered my thoughts on how, from a macro perspective, such enhancements could occur. I just finished reading through a Chronicle of Higher Education article from earlier this year that lays out the dramatic overhaul that has been made to the career development program at Wake Forest under the charge of Andy Chan. The university as a whole has placed a priority on vocational and character development and has backed that with about $5-million! I must say, I’m impressed by Mr. Chan’s efforts and President Nathan Hatch’s obvious commitment to their students’ lifelong career development. It will be wonderful to see other campuses take similar steps. Congrats to Wake Forest University’s Office of Personal and Career Development, Pres. Hatch and Andy Chan.
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