Internship basics – Can I get course credit for my internship?

That depends. Check to see if your campus has an internship program. A credit internship will typically need the approval of at least one faculty member and may need to be registered with the career center or internship coordinator. Institutions can differ in their policies, so if you think you may want to get credit for an internship, speak with the appropriate people on your campus before the internship, (even while you are searching for opportunities); requesting credit after the internship is completed is usually too late!

It helps to have already begun to think through some of the ways in which an internship might meet academic requirements before you meet with faculty about the possibility of getting credit. You don’t have to have it all figured out, but it can help guide your conversation, especially you are applying to internship sites that are relatively unfamiliar to your faculty.

Internship Basics is a series of articles that answers some of the fundamental questions college students ask about interning.

In the next Internship Basics post, we’ll answer the question, Can I Paid?

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