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It can sometimes be challenging to come up with ways to describe your accomplishments, particularly those from extra-curricular settings. Here are a handful of resume phrases that college students or recent alums with Tutoring experience may find useful:

  • Explained complex concepts using easy-to-understand terms
  • Worked with students aged ___ to ____
  • Developed action plans based on students’ and educators’ academic goals
  • Communicated with parents and teachers to update them on student progress
  • Worked closely with five high school math students to increase comprehension and grades resulting in an average of 1.2 point increase in GPA
  • Participated in annual mandatory training sessions and voluntary training workshops offered by Tutoring Center
  • Coordinated schedules with 8 students to provide weekly tutoring session
  • Assisted in training new tutors, including review of documentation procedures and confidentiality policy
  • Taught theory of ____, including concepts of ____, ____ and ____
  • Work effectively with students with diverse learning needs and cultural backgrounds

Keep in mind that the phrases above are just examples and are provided to remind you of your many accomplishments as a student. Revise, edit and tailor the phrases as your needs require.

Involvement in extra-curricular activities in college can give you valuable experience, but how do you translate this experience on your resume? The Resume Phrases by Activity series provides sample resume phrases for experiences commonly gained through different extra-curricular activities. These sample phrases are intended to inspire students and recent grads to describe their college experience more thoroughly.

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