Video: How To Find Hidden Jobs by Jim Stroud

Quick review: Jim Stroud puts together an helpful video offering some very handy tips for searching for hidden jobs. Many of his suggestions revolve around more effective ways to utilize Google – great ideas, if you’re not already using them, and I would guess that they’ll be new to many of my readers. The first few minutes are dedicated to sponsors and there are a few commercials sprinkled throughout. If you don’t mind wading through these adverts (personally, I don’t mind them; Stroud is quite creative about how he includes them), I think this video is well worth your time.

(Video embedded 28.51min)

How To Find Hidden Jobs from Jim Stroud on Vimeo.

DISCLOSURE: Sweet Careers Consulting was sent this video to consider it for inclusion on this blog. Sweet Careers Consulting was not paid to post this video, nor asked to review it.

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