Cover Letters – Should You Use Them in Your Job Search?

Guest Author: Steven Coyne is a Freelance Writer and Recruiter

Should You Send a Cover Letter with Your Resume?

Are cover letters useful anymore? There are a variety of opinions throughout the internet. One of the most compelling comments came from Edith Reese, an Insurance and Risk Management Professional and Attorney, saying that “There are blogger’s with HR backgrounds who state that a cover letter is outdated, but the comments on this site (LinkedIn poll page) from HR professionals indicate otherwise. For a variety of the following reasons listed here (distinguishing yourself from the other candidates, showing the company how you add value, showing interest in the position, creating a connection with the hiring manager, etc.) a well written cover letter remains an important element of the job hunter’s arsenal.

After exhaustive discussions with over 240 job seekers, many of them from the professional networking website, and posting a poll on LinkedIn with the following title, “Do You Use a Cover Letter in Your Job Search”, I found some pretty interesting and relevant responses to the poll question.

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