Who’s Hiring from the Best Companies to Work for – Vol 17

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People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing – that’s why we recommend it daily.” – Zig Ziglar

Being the best at anything is all relative. Relative to the competition and relative to the measurement being used. After all, if it was so cut and dry, the list would be the same every year. Of course, in this case the relative factor is that all of the companies on the list are great places to work. Whether they are number 1 or 100 it is not important. Many of these companies are on the list year after year and many of them show up on other “top” lists. Those that drop off don’t all of sudden stop being great places to work, maybe they are 101 or 120 (out of thousands of companies).

  • Indiana Regional Medical Center – With 1,200 employees and 20 new jobs added last year, Indiana ranked at number 60 on this year’s list. Their careers page leads with a brief overview, with links on the left for careers overview, benefits, current opportunities and more. Click current opportunities and click to download the employment application and use the addresses provided to submit your application.
  • Monsanto – Ranked at number 59, Monsanto is known for seed and biotechnology. Their careers site covers background on the company, including corporate culture and diversity. The left hand side of the page has links for getting started, job opportunities, benefits and more. The right hand side of the screen has similar links, with extra links for recent grads and experienced professionals. There were 316 job opportunities when I checked the site.
  • Four Seasons Hotels – While many of us have never stayed at a Four Seasons Hotel (especially if we are out of work!), most of us have heard of the hotel chain. Ranked 58 on the list this year and with over 32,000 employees globally, the Four Seasons lost over 1,000 jobs last year. Their career site has allows registration for posting your resume. You can just search for jobs if you wish (top left hand side of the page), which leads to a page where you can select your city of choice from a domestic and international list organized by region. You can also select Keywords from this page and search that way.
  • DPR Construction – Ranked at number 57 on the list, DPR is a general contractor with over 1,100 employees. They lost 21 jobs last year, but they have a great careers site. The main part of the page is all about the company and what they do. The left hand side of the page has the links you are looking for with Benefits, Submit your Resume and current positions. Click on “Current Positions” to lead to the jobs page.
  • CarMax – Ranked at number 56 on the list, CarMax is best known s a used car retailer and. Their career site has a wide range of opportunities. In addition to company information, the site has Retail Jobs, Home Office, Auto Finance, College Recruiting and much more. They even have a link to “Preparing for your interview”. You will need to review each of the categories on the career site to see opportunities, there is no “general search” function.

Good luck in your search.

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    The list of the best companies to work for is good to analyze and pursue employment opportunities whether you are sending them an executive resume, nurse resume, or any type of professional resume. At least this list will serve as some sort of guide and also be used a list to apply for jobs among the many jobs that you will need to apply to.

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