Applying for Internships – Round Four

Over the past few weeks, we’ve created lists of 2-3 internship sites a week, researched each site, prepared tailored application materials for each, then submitted applications.

This week:
By now, you’ll likely be able to guess our first goal for this week – follow up with any Round Two or Three internship applications. Then, create a list of your Round Four internships; research each, prepare application materials then submit.

If you haven’t done so already, now would also be a good time to begin seriously preparing for interviews. Since you’ve been conducting your research prior to preparing your resumes and cover letters, you’re already ahead of the game! Your goal during the interview is to provide concrete evidence for why you are qualified for the internship. Armed with knowledge about the key responsibilities of the internship you’ll want to rehearse interview responses that demonstrate your ability to perform those tasks. Your responses should incorporate examples from previous work, academic or volunteer experience s that support your claims. For more tips about interviewing, check out our Interviewing category.

This is the last article for the Applying for Internships series, but keep in mind that you can have as many rounds as necessary. Effective research and timely follow-up are your keys to success!

Applying for Internships is a series of articles that walks students through the process of applying for internships week by week.

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