Do You Fit In? Ask Questions in Your Interview

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You have finally landed that interview. So, now you are learning as much as possible about a potential employer in order to impress the interviewer. In addition, you’re trying to anticipate potential interview questions. However, have you thought about whether or not you fit in with a particular company?

In order to answer this question, you may need more information, which can be gathered during your interview. Consider asking the following questions:

How does your organization define success and how is it measured?

What do you want this role to get accomplished in the first six months?

How would you describe your culture?

Is it possible to work virtually? (This is an indication of how a company views work/life balance.)

To find out more questions to help you decide if an employer is a good fit, see the source below.

Your interview is your time to shine. While you’ll be asked numerous questions about the job opportunity, the questions you ask will help determine what is right for you.

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Black Enterprise magazine, May 2011

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