Interview with James Alexander, CEO of Vizibility

Vizibility offers users a way to customize the search results that can be found about them via Google. I recently had the opportunity to interview James Alexander, CEO of Vizibility.

What exactly is Vizibility and how does it work?

Vizibility helps people get found online. With the first SearchMe Button for Google we help people take control of their online identities by allowing them to control what people find about them online. Users can customize their top five Google search results into a free and permanent SearchMe link that can be put on a resume, profile site, business card – anywhere someone wants to get found online.

When a Vizibility SearchMe button, link or QR code is clicked, accurate search results are displayed helping people make a killer first impression. We also display the search query right in Google, so the person doing the searching can be confident the information displayed is accurate and authentic.

Additionally, when a Vizibility QR code is scanned using a smart phone or mobile device, our mobile app can optionally share your photo, business card details, all your social and profile sites, and your vCard, along with your curated search results.

Why should students and recent grads care about what information can be found about them online?

According to ExecuNet, 86% of executive recruiters report using search engines to validate candidates. Searching for people by name only, however, often returns inaccurate results. 45% of recruiters have eliminated candidates based on what appears (or does not appear) about them online. And 39% of U.S. HR professionals hired candidates because the information online about them supported their background and qualifications.

How can Vizibility help students and recent grads with their job search or networking?

It’s always important to make a great first impression when meeting with a potential employer, and Vizibility is designed to help you do just that. For example, job seekers can create a SearchMe link, button, and QR code and then place it on resumes, cover letters, a LinkedIn profile, business cards, email signatures, etc. Your Vizibility link is also easy to set up and maintain — simply log in to and manage your search results.

Vizibility also allows anyone to share business card details and social links through their QR code. If your information changes, you never need to update the QR code or reprint business cards. Simply sign into Vizibility and update the information any time, and the next person who scans your QR code will find your current details.

What if a user finds few search results or only results that they don’t want to share?

Unfortunately, we can’t always control what shows up about us online. Or what shows up online about others who share our name.

Even if you don’t have a lot of search results, Vizibility can help you stand out and make a killer first impression. Not only can you easily share your few results (at a minimum, LinkedIn, Twitter, resume, bio somewhere, etc.) without exposing the digital dirt, the use of new technology like Vizibility and QR codes helps job seekers build the digital bridge to seamlessly connect their offline identity to their online one.

James Alexander is the founder and CEO of Vizibility. A serial technology entrepreneur, James has been involved with Internet search since starting eWatch in 1995.

Most recently James served as General Manager of Jupiterimages. Getty Images acquired the company in early 2009. Before that, James was Director of Product Management at Adobe Systems years where he created, built and managed Adobe Stock Photos, which served more than 7,000 creative professional customers in its first 36 months of operations. He joined Adobe in 2001 to manage and build the company’s early-stage electronic book (ebook) business.

Prior to Adobe, James led venture-backed Mibrary Inc., a New York-based software start-up founded in 1999 to make electronic books and other digital content easier for consumers to use. Prior to Mibrary, James co-founded the Internet brand monitoring service eWatch, which was purchased by PR Newswire in 1999.

James was awarded a patent for search innovations on Adobe Stock Photos and has other patents pending. He earned his Masters of Business Administration with distinction from Saïd Business School at the University of Oxford. He holds a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Rockefeller College at the University at Albany in New York.

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Sweet Careers Consulting was approached by a public relations organization to interview Mr. Alexander, but received no compensation, monetary or otherwise, for conducting or publishing the interview. Sweet Careers Consulting is not affiliated with Vizibility or Mr. Alexander.

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