Your college course catalog – a resume builder?

A course catalog – you probably have one or two laying around. They are usually published once an academic year and include information like course descriptions, major requirements, campus service overviews, etc. Many students receive one every year and after a quick glance, set it aside. But did you know that your course catalog can actually help you build your resume?

As a student or recent grad, some of the most relevant knowledge and skills you’ve gained have come from the classroom or lab. Therefore, when you’re writing your resume, and even your LinkedIn profile, it’s a good idea to elaborate on your educational experience. To help remind yourself of the different topics you’ve covered in previous semesters, call on your trusty course catalog. Of course, class notes and course syllabi will give you even more details, but the course catalog can come through in a pinch. And if you don’t have one laying around, you can usually find one around campus or online.

Look up courses you have taken that are relevant the position to which you are applying or courses you’ve taken in which you developed skills you would want to highlight on your resume. The course descriptions in the catalog will hopefully remind you of presentations you gave, theoretical work you covered, group work you completed, or lab equipment you used. For some examples of resume phrase related to different majors, check out this series of posts: Resume Phrases by major.

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