Introduce Yourself to the Jobs You Don’t Know About

Guest Author: William Frierson is a staff writer for

You have seen jobs advertised in newspapers, on the Internet, and even on marquees. As a job seeker, you should continue to notice these job ads and others, but also look at the unadvertised, or hidden job market. This is the place where job opportunities aren’t necessarily seen or heard publicly. So, how do you get involved in this market: by networking.

Networking is opening up the lines of communication with people. Job seekers should talk with any contacts whom they trust about their job search(es). These contacts include family, friends, professors, community groups (such as a church or sports team), etc. Never underestimate anyone when it comes to helping you find a job. Remember, communication is a two way street, so make sure to ask your network about their professional interests too.

If you’re tech savvy, consider creating an online profile on social media sites like LinkedIn, which can expand your network and allow you to discover more unadvertised job opportunities. Keep in mind that in today’s job market, recruiters and employers are using social media to find candidates.

Your job search starts with you, but it doesn’t have to just be you. Yes, you must put in the time and effort, but there are people willing to help. Your network could make the difference in finding a job, perhaps one you didn’t even know about.


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