Job Search from the Beginning – Recruiters Part 2

Guest Author: CareerAlley

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I was in the Mall the other day for some Holiday shopping and it was packed. Finding a parking spot was almost like bumper cars at the arcade and walking through the Mall and stores was like a modern day version of “survival of the fittest”. So I started thinking about what “Malls” (or marketplaces) were like hundreds of years ago, where merchants got together to sell whatever they made or grew to those who needed it. Barter was popular and money was not always needed. The real purpose of the marketplace was to create a central location where people could match “wants” with “needs”. Recruiters play similar roles. They match those looking for jobs with those looking to hire. They also do some due diligence on the candidates to ensure a better match. On to today’s marketplace.

  • RGS Search Partners, LLC – This firm specializes in a broad number of functions and industries: Technology, Program / Project Management, Consulting, Finance, HR and more. Their website is fairly basic with a page for candidates. There are tabs at the top for Search Process, Contact and About Us. You can click on the “Contact Us” tab to submit your details via a web-form, use their email address to forward your resume and cover letter or send your details via snail mail.

  • Salveson Stetson Group – SSG has a fairly robust website. The main page has tabs at the top for About Us, Services, Practice Groups, Our Team and Contact Us. On the right hand side of the page there are links for Recent News, Recent Appointments and Open Searches. Check the Recent Appointments to see if this firm covers your job function and industry and click on Open Searches to see a sample of current opportunities. Use any of the name links in the Open Searches section to forward your resume.
  • Tuttle Agency – This recruiter mainly covers the NY tri-state area. Their main page is very interesting. You can sign-up for a news letter or follow any of the tabs at the top (which have drop-down lists) for About Us, Locations, Divisions, Candidates and Contact Us. Hover over the Candidates tab for a list of options including Current Openings, Submit Resume and Job Alerts. There were well over 40 jobs when I checked their list. Click Submit Resume for a web-form for resume submission and be sure to sign up for Job Alerts by going to that tab.
  • Taylor-Hodson -This is a NY based firm which specializes in both temporary, temp to perm and permanent hiring. They also have a special link for Fashion recruiting. Click on About Us for information and links for each of the categories described above. Click on “apply online” for a web-form to submit your resume. There is also a link on this page to view industries and job functions they cover (which is quite extensive).

Where to Find Recruiters – So, you might ask, “Are there lists of recruiters?” and the answer would be yes. One list for today:

Good luck in your search.

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