Stay Connected Once Your Internship is Done

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Has your internship been a success? If you enjoyed your experience and want to find a more permanent position with that employer, then tell him or her. Even though your internship may be over, your job search is not. That’s why it is important to stay connected to the company after your internship so that when job opportunities come up, you are fresh in mind.

Employers don’t mind hiring their interns. According to one article, in 2010 almost 45% of job offers reported to the National Association of Colleges and Employers were given to those with internships. This shows why job seekers should strongly consider these opportunities.

So, how do you stay connected after your internship? Here are some tips:

Know how the organization hires- Is hiring done based on recruiting or once there is a new vacancy? This information will help you understand when job opportunities are available.

Continue to network- Find out the best way to communicate with your employer to stay informed on the latest news.

Volunteer- If there are no job opportunities available at the moment, offer your services to the company when extra help is needed.

While your internship may have been a success, it will only take you so far in your job search. Tell your employer about your interest in remaining with the company. Even if no opportunities exist now, staying connected to it will position you as a good candidate later.


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