Starting at the Bottom, Working for the Best

Guest Author: CareerAlley

Winning isn’t everything. Wanting to is.” – Elbert Green Hubbard

Do you remember your very first job? Not the one where you worked in the supermarket, but the first job that you felt it was the beginning of your career. I remember my “first job”. This was the first job where I had to wear a suit, travel to the city and work in an office. I was really pumped. A few days into the job in my first late night, my boss’s boss calls me into a big meeting with all of the big wigs. They needed my help (imagine!). So, on my way to get six coffees for these guys (in the pouring rain) I got my first lesson in what it means to “add value” and where I fit in the food chain. Whatever your first job and wherever you fit into your company, take aim at some of the best companies to work for.

  • SAS – Number 1 on the list two years in a row (their 14th year on the list) . The career page provides a brief overview of the company followed with a worldwide career search function by region. Clicking through your region will lead to country and then a choice of Professional Opportunities and Student Opportunities. There are links on the left hand side of the page (once you get to your country) for How To Apply, Benefits and more. Following on to job search will allow registration or sign-in. A quick search for the US returned 182 job opportunities.

  • Boston Consulting Group – Consulting company BCG is number 2 on the list up from last year’s list. A very well known and highly respected consulting firm, their career page has a number of links to learn about the company (like – is BCG for me). Your can “meet” people who work for the company and pick a career path. Click How to Apply to fill out an online application or check out their college recruiting program if you are still in school.
  • Wegmans Food Markets – A perennial member of this list, is ranked 3 this year (same as last year). Wegmans is a 70+ food market store chain located primarily in the Northeast has over 39,000 employees. They’ve been on Fortune’s list since 1998 and have been in the top 3 for the last 5 years. Their career site has tons of information on the company and what they are about (which is a very big part of what makes them one of the best companies to work for). This includes the reasons to work there, Diversity, Educational Initiatives and, of course, job listings. The job search is fairly basic, click apply now and you are on your way. Once you find a potential job you apply online. There were 531 job opportunities when I checked the site.
  • Google – Ranked 4th on the list (yes, again), their recruiting and interview process is legendary. Everyone has heard of Google, so not much else to say here. There Careers page has a brief overview (“Let’s Work Together”) with links to each of their hiring locations. The left hand side of the page has additional related links. There doesn’t seem to be one place where you can look at all of the job openings (you would think that Google would have a good search for this), so you will need to be selective in your search.
  • NetApp – Number 5 (up from number 7 on last year’s list), NetApp is a Technology company. Their career page provides a link for a company overview with tab links to Life at NetApp, Your Career, University Recruiting and Find a Job. You can click on “Find a Job” or “open positions” from the main page. Information on University Recruiting is available on the Careers tab (including New Grads, Events and Summer Interns). The Job Search tool returned 461 job opportunities across all of the company’s locations.

Good luck in your search.

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