Keep it INTERESTing – Mixing special interests with career decisions

Are there ways you can incorporate your special interests into your work?

As a college student exploring different career options, or as a professional thinking about changing fields, it can be helpful to take time to determine if there are any special interests that you would want to incorporate into the work that you do.

Keep in mind that you may have some interests that you want to incorporate into your professional work, and others that you decide to keep as avocational activities. For example, if you love music, you may decide that you want to explore career opportunities that allow music to be part of your work. On the other hand, you may feel that you would prefer to pursue your musical interests through hobbies, volunteering, or your spare time.

What special interests do you have? Here are some examples: animals, environmental issues, politics, photography, art, technology, dance, athletics, fashion, construction, crafts, insects, design, children, books.

The way that you combine your major or career path with your special interest does not always have to follow “traditional” paths. For example, just because you have a special interest in animals does not mean that you have to become a veterinarian. If you are a finance major, want to use finance-related skills and you have a special interest in environmental issues, you might explore opportunities working as a financial officer/advisor for an environmental advocacy organization. Or, if you are a marketing major with a special interest in dance, you might seek out opportunities working in the public relations or marketing department of a performing arts center or a dance company.

It is not always possible to incorporate all of your special interests into your work, but if you keep an open mind and get a bit creative, you can find fulfilling AND interesting ways of melding your career with your interests.

The Getting to Know You series explores various aspects of self-assessment, an important, but often neglected step of career decision making.

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